You want to start your own creative business. But Googling “How to Freelance” has you wilting like your houseplants.

How to freelance?
Flat rate or hourly?
How much should I save for taxes?
What is an RFP?
Contracts hellllppppp

The internet is amazing, but it’s also a maze. Running a business can feel just as daunting. Which is why we made this course after 11+ years running a creative studio. It’s an actionable roadmap to help you finally feel confident in your pricing and process.

Exactly what you need to know about freelancing, with actionable next steps

This course is full of practical information from creatives who have been there. Each lesson includes a to-do list so you know how to move forward. Watch the lessons at your own pace (you have lifetime access).

Templates and a workbook help you apply what you’ve learned

Calculate your pricing, position yourself to attract dream clients, and learn how to run a project so it doesn’t run you. Plus, get access to our Hoodzpah proposal, proof, and discovery decks!

"This quote deck just helped us land a HUGE client. Total game changer…"


Proposal Deck User

Get personalized help and access to a Slack community of creative entrepreneurs

The Slack channel is one of the most valuable parts of the course. You have a direct line to your instructors (that’s us) and your peers for creative feedback, questions, and support. Plus, we share job opportunities and refer work within the group whenever possible.

"The slack channel alone is worth the price of the course."

Chris von Burske

Creative Director - Denver, CO

This freelance course and community is for you if:

You're a freelancer, but you're constantly asking “Am I doing this right?”

You wish you had more freelancers and entrepreneurs you could compare notes with

You miss having a workplace community

You've been wanting to go freelance for years, but get overwhelmed with where to start

"I just landed my highest paying brand identity job (1/3 of my yearly financial goal) by using the knowledge absorbed from this amazing course and group!"
"One of my biggest hangups has been questioning everything I do. This course was a huge boost of confidence. There was so much behind the scenes gold and info packed into it."

Lifetime Access

Friendly & Private Slack Community

Key Business Templates

Free eBook

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You'll learn from start to finish how to freelance and run your own creative studio.


Brand and Position Your Business

Position Your Brand

Define Your Brand Traits

Name Your Business

Write Brand Messaging

Write a Business Plan


Set Your Business Up

Get Licenses and Permits

Get Contracts and Agreements (+ Link to Free Resource)

Assemble Your A-Team

Consider Business Insurance

Set Up Business Banking

Set Up Business Accounting

Track Your Finances


Create Business Systems

Create a File Organization Method

Create a Client Relationship Management (CRM) Board (+ Free Template)

Create a Project Management Board to Stay on Top of All Jobs (+ Free Template)


Run a Successful Project

Map Out Your Project Workflows

Learn About Contracts (+ Link to Free Resource)

Run a Strategy / Discovery Phase with Your Client (+ Free Deck Template)

Present Your Work in a Compelling Way (+ Free Deck Template)


Plan Your Income and Make a Budget

Make a Personal Budget

Calculate Your Salary

Make a Business Budget

Make an Income Plan

Manage Your Expenses

Structure a Retainer

Do a Monthly Business Checkup


Learn to Price and Negotiate

When to Charge Hourly vs. Flat Rate

Calculate Your Hourly Rate

Calculate Flat Rate Project Quotes

Scaling Your Pricing Based on Value

When and How to Raise Your Rates

Create a Proposal (Respond to RFPs) (+ Free Template)

Pricing Resource: Real Numbers from Real Creatives

Negotiate Pricing


Market Yourself, Get Work, and Court Dream Clients

Getting Clients 101

Other Creatives as Clients

Make a Website

Make Great Case Studies

Reaching out to Potential Clients

Making the Work You Want to Get

Connecting with Dream Clients

Decide Which Projects to Take On

Plus, anything else you want to cover
We're available in the Slack or via the lesson discussions to answer any extra questions you have.

“Thanks to everything I learned, I met my yearly goals and beyond... the best investment in myself I could have made.”

4+ hours of video lessons

Workbooks and templates to get you started

Slack community

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A course made by working creatives for working creatives

We’ve been running our own creative studio (Hoodzpah) for over 10 years. It started out of necessity, and we didn’t have much savings or preparation. But we learned the ropes thanks to mentors, peers, and good old fashioned trial and error. Since then, we’ve worked with dream clients like Disney and the Los Angeles Lakers, taught Professional Practices at LCAD, wrote Freelance, and Business, and Stuff: A Guide for Creatives, and spoke about business and creativity at conferences like Adobe Max, Dribbble Hangtime, HOW and Brand New.

Our clients have included

Ready to make a plan to work with your dream clients?

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What freelancers think of the course

"One of the best decisions I made for my creative career since going full-time freelance. 10/10 would recommend."
"Your book and video course have legit been my best investment for my creative career!"
"Between the course, the resources and all the information — I have never learned so much in a span of such a short time and landed so many clients so soon. I am feeling ecstatic about this new found designer in me! VIRTUAL HUG to you both."
"Thank you so much. Your course and support made the venture of being a freelance designer feel less daunting and more achievable."

Matthew Potter

"I would 14/10 recommend taking this class. Learning all these skills gave me the confidence to start charging my worth and take my clients through a streamlined process that is stress-free."
"...I can go to the community with wins, losses, and questions and know that I will get overwhelmingly positive support. You can tell everyone in the group wants to be there for the next person and really lift everyone up to be better at what we do."
"There's so much knowledge packed into this course that I can apply right now that I couldn't find anywhere else. My absolute favorite part was the simple explanations of the business and legal side of things."
"Jen and Amy have jam-packed the course with an incredible amount of useful information and guidance. As an extension to the course, being a part of the amazingly friendly and supportive FABAS slack community has been a real treasure."
"I'm sure I wouldn't have won half of my jobs if it wasn't for the resources that Amy and Jen provide in this course. It's above and beyond what I had expected. Plus, the FABAS community is priceless and a constant source of inspiration, support and entertainment."
"After working though this course I landed my highest paying gig yet."
"This course is incredible for anyone looking for the push to start their own business. I have a game plan now!"
Monica V.
Designer -
Ponchatoula, LA
"I am only two modules in and holy s**t. I've got a full paper of ideas on how to build on my business! So happy I signed up and even happier to be in the Slack group!!"
The course is amazing...The Slack channel connected me with an amazing community that allowed me to keep on learning even after finishing the video lesson. They give feedback, encouragement, referrals... The only thing I regret, is not finding it sooner."
"I went into the course a bit of a novice, in terms of business ...And now I have the confidence to talk about finances, invoice, terms, etc. I feel like I can do this. Thanks Hoods!"
This class has been completely invaluable, the resources innumerable, and the confidence I now feel going into my freelance career so much more”
"It felt like I was given a blueprint to the industry."
"I think Jen and Amy's course should be mandatory in every design school. This course is an absolute must. It will give you the confidence to present yourself in a way you never have before."
"Literally, could not have been more helpful."

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“This class is hands down the best decision I’ve made for my design business. The value is above and beyond. I just landed my first five-figure job this past month! Sign up now, you won’t regret it..”

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Giving Back

We give back 5% of our course profits to non-profit programs focused on supporting under-served youth and communities through the arts, mentorship, and job placement. Our current charity is Inner-City Arts.